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A Day of Sorrow

TUPians mourn on Hazing Victim’s Death


IN SYMPATHY for the death of the hazing victim, Clark Anson Silverio, the University Student Government made a call to students to wear black this Wednesday, March 8.

     The second year Mechanical Engineering student was declared dead on arrival at the Manila Sanitarium Hospital in Pasay City last March 3. Hazing injuries mostly on his thighs, which cause hematoma and severe contusions, was the cause of his death, according to initial police report.

     The incident happened in a warehouse on Guatemala Street in Barangay San Isidro, Makati morning of March 3. According to report, Silverio had been bought to the hospital by four teenagers who said that they had found him unconscious, possibly drunk, and lying on the street. Edmar Gipan, one of those who brought the victim to the hospital, was picked up by the police for investigation.

     A witness, the warehouse caretaker, told the police that it was for the fourth time that a group of boys and girls went there to hold initiation rites. “After I finished cleaning, I saw that a group of teens were (hitting) others or heard (some people) shouting, groaning, screaming and crying,” the witness told the police in her statement.

     Meanwhile, initial investigations showed that members of an underground fraternity in the campus, known as Tau Gamma Phi was the suspect behind the case. At presstime, twenty students were under investigation in relation with the killing. On the other hand, the TUP administration is getting into deeper investigation on Silverio’s death. PA(M.A.B.Bermudo)



*Some of the Information courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer.


USG Prex Gaspar(R) w/ elected senator Infante(L).

GASPAR, SANTOS lead the race

Nineteen out of twenty seats for ASAP Party

By Maurelio C. Cabo Jr.


Strong Personality. Consistent Leadership. Transparent Service. These were the concluding messages of winning tandem of Alternative Student Alliance for Progress (ASAP) Party, Tracy S. Gaspar and Jeffrey R. Santos, newly elected University Student Government (USG) President and Vice-President for school year 2006 – 2007, respectively.

     Gaspar, incumbent USG Senator and 3rd year student of Bachelor of Applied Science major in Environmental Science (BAS – ES), garnered a total of 1,075 votes against her two counterparts, Charlie Abayon (Independent), 782 votes and Bernadette Diano (URGENT Party), 202 votes. “Gusto kong lumabas ang katotohanan. I will do a transparent service,” Gaspar stressed during the interview. Santos, incumbent Vice-President of Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineering-Student Unit (PSME-SU) and 4th year student of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, got 1,418 votes against URGENT Party bet, Ana Fe Alcantara, 477 votes. “I’m ready to accept criticism at handang magbago to improve my personality to become more effective student leader,” Santos said.

     Completing the Supreme Student Council, five out of six senatorial seats were swept by ASAP Party namely: Seth Infante, BAS – ES 2A (1,398), Aluin Lasala, BSECE – 4A (1,241), Kristel Flojo, AT/GT – 1A (1,214), Reichelle Rellora, BSIE – HE 2A (1,175) and Jason Labro, BAS – LT 2A (1,166). The last seat was taken by an independent candidate, Rodell Barrientos, BAS – LT 2A who he had tallied 1, 071 votes.

     In College Council, only the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) Governorship had two aspirants and the rest were composed only from ASAP Party. In which, the ASAP Party occupied all the 12 remaining seats.

     Meanwhile elected governors were: CLA - Julie Violeta, BAM – IM, (55), COS – Christopher Lopez, BAS – LT 3A, (163), CAFA – Hope Magauay, (94), BSA – 2A, COE – Redssie Sangco, BSME – 4A, (377), CIE - John Jefferson Sevilla, BSIE – ComEd 2A, (321)and CIT – Cristina Amistad, EsET – 2A, (544) won over URGENT bet, Jericho Esguerra, (202). Vice-Governors: CLA – Angeli Ann Antonio, BAM – IM, (43), COS – Joebemar Talisic, BSC (160), CIE – Alduane Ramos, BSIE – EsT 1A, (333), CAFA – Julius delos Santos, AT/GT 1B, (87), COE – Engelbert Epia, BSEE -2A, (370) and CIT – Ma. Marlette Laurel, ICET – 2A, (644). PA

Once again, TUPians flock to polling precincts for the annual University Student Government (USG) election for the academic year 2006-2007, February 23.

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