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Tatak Artisan...


Could first impressions really last? Are the first things meant to be the best?  Most of us may agree that anything that comes ahead of the rest is a sure winner of the prize but this may be the transient perception of things. Yet, we often see the inside of an object upon how it is being projected before our senses. Since then, man tries to be recognize something distinctive from others through giving identification and so-called “tatak” or trademarks for well organized perception of things. In fact, we never stopped on just memorizing the names of everybody, but introduced better means of identifying things.

Just like any other things in this globe, newspapers have also provided not only names but also symbols and/or icons, which could aptly describe identity as an organ. The introduction of mastheads or banners bearing the names of the paper is indeed essential in achieving identical distinctions. This way varies according the design that the publisher or editors prefer-as long as these things could leave niche into hearts and minds of readers. In any aspect, we often see banner not only as identification but a character representing the whole subject.

Through the years, the Philippine Artisan has provided identifications and/or decorations into the newspaper, making it more readable and cognizable by the readers. For almost sixty years of existence, mastheads or banners have developed into more dynamic forms other than just simple text of identification. Indeed, the masthead of the Publication has improved continuously through decades of its operations. For instance, in the period of 1980 – 2002 alone, the student paper has introduced six evolutions of masthead. This not yet included the usage of additional mastheads into special issues of the Philippine Artisan such as the Philarts (magazine), Kalyo (Literary folio) and Artisan Sports (Sports gazette).

In addition, the newspaper won’t be complete without the inclusion of more design concepts and icons, which reflect the stand on various issues of the University. That’s why the idea of adding Official Mascot into the paper has been introduced time and time again. As far as our newspaper archives is concerned, writers introduced three mascots from the period of 1980s up to present times. The respective characters and images of the every mascot may have been totally different from each other. But when you study closely, you will notice that the primary character common to the three is the image of an ordinary TUP student—a student who endures the learning challenges and adventures as time goes by. Rugged and usually inclined to hard jobs with comical sense. That could appropriately describe the standing projection of the two mascots—Tekboy, (circa1980s) and Tek (2001-present) into readers of the Philippine Artisan.

When we have to know something that should not be forgotten, try analyzing their brand outfits or the so-called tatak. This could be in a form that your eyes will be pleased, or things that help you achieve goals in life. Being the University’s only official student paper, the Philippine Artisan may have introduced lots of ideas which confuse the people of hoe they can describe our paper.  Yet, one thing is essential. It doesn’t really matter how many trademarks or designs of mastheads that the Artisan may introduce in the years to come, as long as the real essence of truth and service to the students be addressed. Then, that could be the real Tatak Artisan. PA



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