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2006 USG Election updates

Have you decided already?

Who Will Emerge as the USG Prexy?

It’s Abayon vs Diano vs Gaspar

By Charles Ballaran


New sets of candidates faced the risk-taking positions as they run in the forthcoming University Student Government (USG) Election on February 23.

Vying for the highest position are: Bernadette Diano of Unified Real Governance with Exemplary and Noble Tradition (URGENT), Tracy Gaspar of Alternative Student Alliance for Progress (ASAP) and Charlie Abayon, an independent candidate.

     Despite of a depleted lineup, URGENT party still managed to assert their major platforms: 1) transparency of all collected funds from the student organization 2) close coordination of USG and ACSO 3) effective information complaint and action center 4) promote entrepreneurial and income other related activities like job fair, etc. and 5) conduct of “Linis Ganda” program.  With their motto “Think the future, act with urgency,” other aspirants are Anna Fe Alcantara for Vice President, Rose Valerie Calimbo (Senator), Charlotte Grace Araza (Senator), Marvin Evangelista (Senator) and Jericho Esguerra (CIT Governor).

     Meanwhile, “Para sa tuluy-tuloy na serbisyong progresibo,” ASAP focused their platforms in five major programs i.e. sports and culture, special projects, information dissemination, students’ rights and welfare, and finance. The sports and culture committee aims to maintain the cultural activities like oratorical , story telling , singing, dancing, beauty pageants, etc; the special projects committee, on the other hand, proposes the Students Day during ACSO Week while the information dissemination project acts upon the scholarships for the students; the student’s rights and welfare aims to have an effective “complaint and action desk” while their finance committee focuses on entrepreneurial lecture series and annual job fairs and seminars.

     Jeffrey Santos competes for the vice presidency, while their senatorial candidates are Kristel Grace Flojo, John Jayzel Legaspi, Reichelle Rellora, Jason Labro, Seth Infante and Mark Aluin Lasala. On the other hand, running for Governors-Vice Governor seat are Cristina Amistad - Ma. Marlette Laurel (CIT), Hope Magauay –Julius Christian delos Santos (BSA), Julie Violeta Legion- Angeli Ann Antonio (CLA), John Jefferson Sevilla- Alduane Ramos (CIE), Christopher Lopez-Joebemar Talisic (COS) and Redssie Rose Sangco-Engelbert Epia (COE).

     Though standing alone, Abayon presents his proposals as follows: on the projects and program committee, he plans to make a wider and useful student center as the core of the activities of all TUPians. Next is the finance committee wherein they want to clear out issues about cultural, medical and dental, internet, athletics and miscellaneous fee and any other expenses which were uncertain to most of the students. The information and publicity committee is one of the projects which aims to seek scholarship programs. Fourth, the Rights and Welfare committee will protect the students from various anti students’ resolutions of the administration and faculty. In addition to these, the Culture and Sports committee focuses on the empowerment of official theatre in the university. Lastly, the secretariat committee will lead the conduction of lecture series about technical writing, financial assessment, and leadership trainings that will be beneficial to all.

     To complete the list of candidates is Rodell C. Barrientos, an independent aspirant for senator. PA

Canvassing of Votes for USG polls on the break of Friday dawn.


Student Democracy in the Process.





SPOILED ballot


It was finally concluded. Again, for the second time around, ASAP Party swept the election upshot. Out of twenty they got the tremendous record of nineteen seats. Indeed, it’s a sweet victory for the party after they got landslide winnings on 2005 - 2006 USG Election.

     Rumors spread that they’ve only won because no other strong party countered like what they experienced on the past USG elections. No excitement. No protests. No bulk of resolutions for the COMSELEC.

     But questioning the winning credibility is not the issue here but the problems and the hanging questions of the incumbent USG which sprung out and pushed by the said political party.

     Puro na lang pangako, mas maraming napapako - a cliché statement of majority of the students that maybe one of the reasons resulting to decrease number of voters in recently concluded student election. But still the main reason behind all the telltales against the student administration is the visibility and tangibility of their pro-students plans, programs and projects. Isn’t visible? Tangible enough?

     Declaring in front of the TUPians what you have done or making thousands of flyers enumerating the acquired projects for the students is not a mean of reaching out the students to the point of slapping it to their faces but the essence of naturally feeling the spirit of UNIVERSITY STUDENT GOVERNMENT.

     Spoiling the term student-leader is indeed a deafening understatement and a fluke. What our institution need is a full-time student as well as a full-time leader. Because a voter’s ballot is not just a mere piece of tissue paper but TRUST AND COMMITMENT elected student-leaders must prove. PA


Election Fever and Flu


It has come to our attention that a Public Election really originates from local Student Election, thus we have this University Student Government (USG) Election 2006.

     If we will try to recall the needs of the students to be mandated by the so-called student leaders, it’s just like cycle for the problems which have not been resolved until now. Moreover, we are indeed summoned to a yearly campus-wide student election due for its term of office will last only for a school year (but for those candidates who are running for re-election may declare for time insufficient). Maybe perhaps we believe that there is somebody who can take the responsibility of asserting different problems concerning the students, since we are all opt to our busy schedules.

     As part of this selection, we or most of the time few of us are after for the candidates’ leadership background (for the skills’ statuesque) and academic status (because from then, how come you could actually serve the students if you can’t manage your academics!) when choosing for the very most wise voting.

     Leaders are neither inborn (although some may proclaim for it’s genetically within their family clan) nor created but it is practically developed through experience and proper orientation towards responsibility.

     Miting De Avance… on the other hand is an activity which can be as tricky as puzzle. Tricky in a sense that a candidate needs to have a strategic public conversation for the appeal of a vote and sometimes the candidate may be resulting to taking advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses or controversial issues that can affect the subconscious mind of students.

     For the latest grouch of a voter, (but can be one of the factor why there is a decreasing number of students who participates) the same problems that need to be accomplished in morale of the incumbents are still the ones being tackled by the candidates. One may actually get tired of hearing promises that mend to be broken or the changes a candidate may deliver during the presentation of Platforms.

     Students are now craving for a true change, it is somehow a dream that can possibly or impossibly be attained (this will depends on the future incumbents that depends also to each and every of your votes), but we can have this possible if and only if we will do our respective best! PA


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